Samsung TV Unable to Connect to Netflix

I have a model UN46EH5300F TV that couldn’t connect to Netflix.

Firmware version: 2004 (2015)
Netflix version: 3.10502 (2016)

I tried the following based on other posts online

  1. Make sure the date/time is correct. Set the date/time under Menu->System->Time->Clock
  2. Make sure DNS is correct. I would try to go to in the web browser to verify it is working. If it doesn’t connect, check the setting under Network->Network Status. Change the DNS to manual and set to
  3. Reset the Smart Hub. In the Smart Hub screen, press Tools->Settings->Reset. Pin is 0000.
  4. Reinstall Netflix app. Under the Smart Hub and Netflix selected, press Tools->Reinstall.
  5. What finally worked for me was signing out of Netflix with the instructions in the Netflix help page. On the error screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up A deactivation screen should come up. If it doesn’t, try again. Click on the option to Deactivate. You need to use this combination to sign out of Netflix even when it is working.

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