Samsung UN50H5203 No Power

Model UN50H5203 UN50H5203AF UN50H5203AFXZC AH01 UN50H5203AFXZA

This TV had no power and didn’t turn on. The standby voltage was low indicating a damaged power supply. This model year does suffer from backlight failures and probing the connector to the LEDs indicated a lot of shorted ones. I suspected the bad backlights had damaged the power supply though the FET and diode for the LED driver tested good. With the LED connector unplugged, the standby voltage was normal again and the TV could power up. I confirmed the screen was good and I was getting video. I ordered replacement strips and a new power supply board since I suspected the LED controller was damaged.

Panel part number DF500BGA-B1
Power supply BN44-00772A
LED strips (4 rows) LM41-00001Q LM41-00001Z 2013SVS50

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