LG 32LC7D Slow to Turn On

I don’t see a lot of LCD TVs anymore since they are getting old and obsolete. This one had almost all the 2200uF/10V capacitors bulged. I proactively replaced the 470uF ones as well.

C221, C206, C217, C202, C215 – 2200uF/10V
C222, C226 – 470uF/25V
C203 – 2200uF/25V
C210 – 1500uF/35V

Update: I encountered another 32LC7D with one bulged cap but the backlight did not come on. Backlight control comes from the pin labelled I-C and there was no high signal from the main board so I replaced the board. The capacitors on this board were also replaced.

C207 – 1000uF/35V
C212 – 2200uF/25V
C203, C208 – 470uF/35V (one is actually 25V)
C215, C225 – 2200uF/10V
C204, C205 – 3300uF/10V
C221, C222, C223, C232 – 680uF/35V

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