Moen Shower Faucet Cartridge Warranty Replacement

My Moen Adler faucet I installed 7 years ago is failing and is difficult to turn to the off position. I had suspected it was starting to fail when there was a bit of play turning the handle several months ago. Though replacement 1222 cartridges range in price from $25-$75, Moen has lifetime warranties. I called their customer support and a new cartridge will be shipped to me with no hassle or proof of purchase. Checking youtube videos and reading reviews, it is recommended to get a cartridge puller in case the old one is stuck. I was able to find inexpensive pullers on both Aliexpress and Amazon for around $16. I does appear the cartridge only lasts about 5-7 years.

When I installed the faucet (post here), I did contemplate adding shutoff valves in case I needed to change the cartridge. In hindsight, I should have done this since I will need to shut off the main water supply to install the new one.

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