Samsung UN55F7050 Won’t Turn On

Model UN55F7050 UN55F7050 AF UN55F7050AFXZC

This model appears to be a Costco Canada version of UN55F7100 UN55F7100AF. When the power button is pressed, the front LED blinks but the tv doesn’t turn on and there is no backlight. Disconnecting the cable between the main board and power supply, the backlights came on indicating the power supply and backlights were good but the main board was suspect. I sent the board to a repair service on ebay and they indicated the board was good. When I got the board back, I tried powering up the tv with one of the ribbon cables between the tcon and panel disconnected and the tv powered up with one side disconnected. This result indicates there is probably a short on the panel. I did measure low resistance between capacitors on the panel board on the bad side but it would have been extremely difficult to trace a shorted capacitor. I also tried blocking some ribbon connector pins with tape and also removed the side tabs but the tv was a lost cause.

Update: It was likely there were shorted caps on the panel board. I should have had the patience to remove and test every one that appeared shorted.

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