Vizio E60-C3 Dim Screen Backlight Replacement

I picked up this Vizio with a dim screen and I was pretty sure it needed new backlights. With a TV that big and still valuable, I decided to do a full replacement with new strips from Shopjimmy. Shopjimmy has a video for this repair but there are some corrections needed in their video.

  • There are clips holding the back cover in place and you will need a putty knife to push them in to release the back cover
  • The panel is held in place by brackets and these are on all four sides. I initially missed the ones on the sides.
  • I removed the diffuser sheets together with the white plastic bezel and tried to keep it all together to simplify disassembly.
  • The white plastic rivets holding down the reflector sheet and strips can be removed from the top with a putty knife. The standoffs don’t need to be removed.
  • There are strips of double side tape holding down the reflector sheet. You will need work carefully to not damage the sheet too much.
  • It appears each strip is individually powered for local dimming. I only found 9 shorted LEDs out of 96 so they could have been repaired. 9 out of 12 strip had one bad LED. It appears the whole strip is shut down if there is a shorted LED on one.
  • When replacing the panel there is some black tape at the top. Make sure it in on the outside of the plastic bezel or else it might fold itself in to the viewing area.
  • There also side tabs that are covered by tape. Make sure they are covered again during assembly.

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