LG 55LB5800 Stuck on Logo Won’t Turn On

This TV would show the power up logo for about 10 seconds before shutting off. Normally, the logo shows for a couple of seconds before turning on. With backlight failures, the logo flashes briefly before the backlight shuts down.

TV’s not booting or stuck on the logo is usually a symptom of bad or corrupt firmware or a bad eeprom. If the firmware can not be reloaded, the only option is to replace the main board.

This model appears to be a Canadian model and used main boards are very scarce and expensive. A tip on badcaps indicated a 55LB6100 main board should work.

My exact model was 55LB5800-UG.ACCWLJR part# EBT63056403 and I bought a main board from 55LB6100-UG.BUSWLJR part# EBT62902106 ($45 USD). It fit and worked perfectly.

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