LG 42LB5D TV Shuts Off By Itself

This LG TV had power supply issues so bad capacitors on the power supply board were suspect.  Taking off the back, a total of 9 electrolytic caps had bulged tops.  They were all Capxon brand.  The smallest values were 220uF/25V & 35V (3) that I replaced with 220uF/35V.  There were 6 – 680uF/25V which I replaced with slightly larger 680uf/35V.  There were also 3 Capxon 1000uF/25V that weren’t bulged but I replaced them anyway since I didn’t trust the Capxon caps.  Testing with an ESR meter indicated they were ok and probably didn’t need to be replaced.

It was surprising the TV powered up at all with so many damaged capacitors.  The tuner wasn’t working and may have been damaged from the power problem.  Otherwise, the TV appeared fine after the replacing all the caps.

Update: Got another one of these in and the exact same nine Capxon capacitors were bulged. The non-bulged capacitors are United Chemi-con which is a quality brand. C202, C204, C205, C227, C234, C235 – 680UF/25V, C207, C218 – 220UF/25V, C203 – 220UF/35V Digikey part numbers for replacements are 1189-1749-ND (Rubycon 680UF/35V 105deg) and 493-1319-ND (Nichicon 220UF/35V 105deg).

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  1. Thanks for this – friends of ours had the same TV and the same problems, in fact reached the point where it would not turn on. I pulled out the circuit board and replaced the bulged capacitors ($12) and it is now working fine again. I checked the old caps with a meter and they were definitely toast.

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