LG 42LG60 Power Supply Problem

This TV had a burnt smell coming from it and power issues.  It does have an interesting design since it is super thin for a LCD TV and the main boards were located below the LCD panel making for a taller TV.

Opening the TV up showed burnt areas on the power supply board.  With a lot of dust inside the TV, the heat and high voltage by the transformer probably  ignited the dust causing a small fire.

This failure did not appear to be a common problem since searching the internet did not find any other reports of failure.  Used power supply boards (part# EAY41971801) were a bit expensive on ebay and the part could be obtained for less but new from Sears Parts.  I went through the checkout process to get a quote for shipping and then cancelled the order.  They emailed me a 15% off discount code a day later but I decided it wasn’t worth it to replace the board since it was close to the value of the TV.

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