HP G56 Laptop – No Video, No boot, Blinking Caps Lock Key Part 2

I posted about a temporary fix to a non-booting HP G56 laptop here by wrapping it in a blanket.  After fixing a PS3 by baking the motherboard (see post here), I was confident in using this technique to repair the laptop.

First step was to disassemble the laptop.  I removed the battery, the bottom access panels, the RAM memory, the wifi adapter, the hard drive and all the screws.  I was then stuck and consulted this video on youtube.

The next step was to remove the keyboard.  I had trouble removing the keyboard and it ended up being a few screws I had missed from the bottom including one underneath an access panel.  I ended up breaking one of the key caps as well which I carefully crazy glued back on.  There are four tabs on the bottom of the keyboard so you need to pry up from the top.

Once the keyboard was out, the case could be snapped opened to access the motherboard.  I removed the fan, the socket-mounted processor (turn the screw 180 degrees to release) and the battery since these could not be put in the oven with the board.

I prepped the board with standoffs, insulated the electrolytic caps and applied some flux to the BGA video chip.  I then baked in a preheated 375 deg F oven for six minutes like the PS3 board.

Once the board cooled, I put everything back together and the laptop booted up no problem.

Update: The laptop is flaky again after a couple of months though the blanket trick will bring it back up.

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