Ebay Motion Activated LED Bulb from China

I stumbled on some motion activated LED bulbs on Ebay from China and thought it would be a good solution to my motion wall mount porch light that had died.  A replacement was around $40 from Home Depot and it didn’t match my existing lights.

While waiting for the bulb, the listing got removed.  I became curious about the reason and guessed that the bulbs were not UL/CSA/EU safety certified.  Though the risk is small since the bulbs are low power, if they did start a fire, your house insurance may not cover the damage.

When the bulb arrived, I didn’t notice any safety certifications on the box and will probably not use it.  I tested it and it did seem to work.  It was a bit longer than a typical bulb and so it didn’t fit my light fixture.

Just a precaution for those ordering electrical products  on Ebay from China.

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