Slow speeds with Linksys N300 E900 Router

I contacted my ISP complaining of slow speeds with my internet connection.  I ran the test at and got 20Mbps download and 0.04Mbps upload.  The support representative at my ISP suggested I plug my PC into the modem directly bypassing my router and to run the test again.  The results this time were 100Mbps download and 10Mbps upload.  Guess I couldn’t blame my ISP for the slow speeds.

Searching some Linksys forums showed others with the same router (Linksy E900) had slow traffic issues.  I checked if there was any newer firmware than my 2013 version and I found a Jan 2015 version 1.06 which can be downloaded from here.  I updated the firmware but had trouble connecting to my modem afterward so did a factory reset  by holding down reset button for 10 seconds.  This update seemed to do the trick and brought my speeds pretty close to what was achievable.  Hopefully the new firmware will be a bit more stable since I did lose connections once in awhile before (requiring me to unplug the router to reset it).  One change in the updated firmware that affected me was the inability to use a network name starting with a number which was allowed before.  Since I had to change my network name,  I had to reconfigure all my devices connected to it.

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