Shark Steam Mop Attempted Repair – No Steam

My mom gave me her Shark steam mop since it wasn’t working.  It was getting hot but no steam was coming out.  Google told me a common problem was mineral or calcium deposits blocking the steam nozzle.  I tried poking at the steam outlet with a straightened paper clip and then with some 14 gauge wire but couldn’t clear it.  Google also suggested running it with a 50/50 mixture of CLR and water but I didn’t have any.

Opening the back cover, I had found the insides rusty and a cracked tube with a spring coming out at the top of the heater.  I disconnected the end of the steam hose that led to the output nozzle and cleared away deposits that blocked a very small 1-2 mm opening for the steam.  It would have been a bit difficult to unblock it with the paper clip from the other side and the 14 gauge wire would have been too big.

When I tried to reassemble it, the hose was brittle and kept on cracking on the ends.  I kept on cutting it and it ended up being too short.  There is a long spring inside the hose is to prevent it from kinking.  I was able to find replacement hose and clamps on ebay (search for 5/16″ or 8mm outside diameter silicone hoses).

Considering the rust, potential deposit buildups inside the heater and the power LED indicator that fell off due to rusted pins, I decided it wasn’t worth repairing.

I will tell her to use distilled water once I find a new replacement machine.



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