Samsung LN52A630 Won’t Turn On Flashing Front LED

Extended model numbers are LN52A630M1F and LN52A630M1FXZC.

When plugged in the front LED flashes continuously and you can hear a relay click every 30 seconds.

This TV uses power supply board part number BN44-00201A which has capacitor issues.

After replacement of the following parts –

CM851, CM852 – 1000uF/25V
CM854, CM855 – 1000uF/16V

the TV still didn’t power up.

Research on badcaps indicated potential failure of C102 which is a tantalum surface mount capacitor  on the back of main board BN41-00975C (printed on board, also BN41-00975B).  To test, you can solder a 100uF/10V capacitor in parallel with C102 to see if the TV starts up.  Note that tantalum caps have the positive lead marked (vs negative lead on electrolytics).

It can be replaced with part 399-4981-1-ND from Digikey (47uF/10V  1411 surface mount cap).  C131 on the top side almost directly underneath should also be replaced since it is the same as the failed part.

You may also need to replace the IC101 directly beside C102, MP2363DN (Digikey part#1589-1366-ND ).

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