Samsung UN46F6300AF Won’t Turn On Dark Areas

Model UN46F6300 UN46F6300AF UN46F6300AFXZC

Power supply board number BN44-00611D

This TV would attempt to turn on but there was no picture or backlights, just a blinking front LED.  With the back panel off, I disconnected the cable between the main and power supply boards and the backlights did not come on.  Suspecting bad LED backlights, I carefully took the LCD panel off and tested all the LED strips with my LED tester.  All the strips tested good.  Measuring the PFC voltage across the leads of the big capacitor, I was only getting 270V instead of the expected 390VDC.  I stumbled on a post on badcaps indicating a low VCC on ICP801 caused by a high RS802 is a suspect for low PFC voltage.  Measuring RS802, it was much higher than the expected 10 ohm value so I replaced it with an 0805 resistor I had.  With the new resistor, the TV powered up.  However, the top part of the screen was dark and it looked like the top strips weren’t getting any power.  I found poor connectivity on the connector from the strips to the main board and had to bypass the connector on several pins.  With this last fix, the TV powered up with all the backlights running.  I did find the connector on the LED side  a bit flakey as well and the backlights went out when I pushed on it.

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