Element ELEFT407 Won’t Turn On Has Standby Light

This TV had a standby light but wouldn’t turn on.  I tried freeze spray on the eeprom (UF1) but it didn’t work.  I still suspected eeprom failure however.

The TV uses the same chassis and all-in-one board from many budget TV brands like RCA,  Westinghouse, and Emerson.  I have also seen this chassis on a newer LG TV.

Shopjimmy indicates there are two different main boards with two incompatible eeproms.  One is for serial numbers starting with G1400 and the other is for J1400.  I checked ebay and there was a seller selling preprogrammed eeproms for $10 USD vs $15 USD that shopjimmy was charging.  I am still waiting for my CH341A programmer so I ordered the cheaper one.

Once installed, the TV powered up.

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