RCA RLDED5078A-D No Backlight

This TV turned on but had no backlight. Suspecting bad LEDs, I took off the back cover and found the connector supplying the LED strips. There were six pairs of red/black wires which meant each strip was powered individually. I unplugged the connector and probed each set with my LED tester. I found that the top strip did not light up and the tester didn’t read a voltage which pointed to open LEDs. Taking apart the panel, I removed the strip and was able to change the bad LEDs with ones from a spare strip I had with similar voltage. My hot air reflow tip browned the area underneath the LED which casts a slightly noticeable shadow. This model doesn’t have a backlight level setting so I turned down the brightness.

Update: This TV came back with more LED failures on the same strip.  I ordered backlights on ebay but they didn’t match.  There are a least two different chassis used for this model.  My strips are IC-A-CNA050D173L &  IC-A-CNA050D173R.  These strips match model numbers Element ELEFW502, Seiki SE50FY10 and Westinghouse DW50F1Y1.  The other chassis uses the same strip throughout.

The backlight level can be lowered in the service menu.  With the TV on, hit menu – 1 -1 -4 -7 on the remote.  It may be under the panel setting.

I ordered a new remote and this didn’t work either since there appears to multiple versions of this model.

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