Philips 47PFL7422D/37 Left Half of the Screen Dim Repair

I got a hold of a Philips LCD TV with the problem of the left half of the screen dim.  Researching on the forum indicated the problem was most likely the caps on the slave backlight inverter board which also blows a SMD fuse.

Removing the back panel, the first obstacle was Torx screws.  Luckily I had a Torx T10 screwdriver.  Once I got access to the slave inverter board, I inspected the caps and they were not bulged but the fuse tested as an open circuit.  The forum indicated the caps should be 680uF/35V but the ones on the board were 820uF.  I found an image of the board online which matched the 680uF value.  Since I had some spare 680uF caps, I decided to use those.  The SMD fuse was difficult to remove with one soldering iron so I ended up just shorting it.  I did find a suitable replacement fuse on Digikey (P/N 507-1057-1-ND).  After putting the board back in, the backlight was working at full brightness.  However, there were some semi-circular shadows on the screen within the panel.  Don’t think this can be fixed  and it’s not worth the risk of damaging the panel to investigate further.  Some online posts indicate this could be fixed by rubbing the area with ice packs but this didn’t work for me.

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