Philips 32PFL3505D/F7 No Power

This TV wouldn’t power up.  It shares the same boards as 32PFL3515D/F7.   I found a service manual here

The fuse was not blown and I couldn’t measure any voltage at the output of the transformer which should have been +34VDC.  I checked all the diodes in this part of the circuit for shorts and didn’t find any.

When I removed the board to check continuity at the AC input part of the board, I found an open circuit at the inverter power connector.  I then noticed a large crack in the PCB that had disconnected all three of the power connector outputs as well as the ground plane on the hot side.

I jumpered the cracked section with three wires, turned the TV on and it powered up.

Edit:  I tested the TV for a couple of hours and when I restarted it, I encountered another problem.  The TV powered up with the Philips logo and promptly shutdown.  This behavior is an indication the TV is going into protection mode.  See the solution here.

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