LG 42LG50 No Backlight or Sound but No Picture

A long thread on the badcaps forum indicates a blown fuse on the master inverter board is the suspect part with this failure.  The TV will turn on which is indicated by a very faint blue front LED that changes from red.

The master inverter board is the one closest to the power supply board and on your left looking from the back.  The fuse is just below the middle connector.  The fuse in question is black, marked “15” with designator F1 and marked 0.75A/76V.   When I was checking the fuses, I missed this one since there are a few white ones labelled with 3A/63V.  A multimeter confirmed it was blown and  I temporarily shorted this fuse to confirm that the TV came on with the backlight.

It may be easier to solder without disconnecting the inverter board since there are multiple connectors for the CCFL bulbs.

Looking for replacements on Digikey, I came up with part #F2927CT-ND which is a 1A, 75VDC 1206 (3.18mm x 1.58mm) fast blow SMD fuse.  I increased the current rating to 1A to provide a bit more margin since the badcaps thread indicated peak current is close to the 0.75A rating of the old fuse.

After replacement, I ran the TV for a couple of hours to make sure the fuse wouldn’t blow again.

Also on this TV, the original stand support had broken off at it’s base.  You can find the support piece on ebay by searching the part number MJH40310802 which is also stamped inside of it.

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