LG 37LC7D Power Problems – Won’t Turn On

This LG 37LC7D had power issues and wouldn’t turn on.  The usual suspects were going to be bad capacitors on the power supply board.  Inspecting the power supply board found four bulged capacitors.  3 x 2200uF/10V (C202, C206, C217) and 1000uf/35V (C210 – may be 1500uF).  After replacement, the TV powered up with no issues.

Edit: I have an encountered a second TV model with power issues.  C202, C217 and C221 had been replaced but with wrong values.  I would recommend replacing the following capacitors.

  • C202, C206, C217, C218 – 2200uF/10V
  • C208 – 2200uF/25V
  • C210 – 1500uF/35V
  • C221 – 470uF/10V
  • C222 – 470uF/25V
  • C226 – 470uF/35V

Update 2:  One of the TVs came back with an issue of shutting down by itself.  I replaced the main board and it appears to be fixed.



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