Hot Water Tank Replacement

Hot water tanks eventually rust out and will start leaking after many years.  My first replacement leaked right after the warranty expired and for my second replacement, I purchased one with the longest warranty available (12 years).  I was out of town when it was replaced, and my friend got several quotes and found Home Depot was the lowest for the tank and installation.  Since I don’t have a drain in the basement, I should have gotten a drain pan installed underneath the tank as well.

To be alerted next time the tank fails, I installed a flood sensor but ran it from an AC adapter instead of batteries.  I worried about batteries dying being left in the alarm for years.  There are single use detectors available as well.  When I installed my monitored alarm, I also added a second flood detector which required a separate 470pb probe.

You can replace the anode in a hot water tank to extends its life.  I think once my second tank goes, I will switch to a tankless heater.

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