Acura RSX Window Trim Molding Peeling Paint

The paint on the bottom molding on my driver’s side window was cracking and peeling exposing the chrome underneath.  Replacement pieces are $61 USD part numbers 72450-S6M-003 (left) and 72410-S6M-003 (right).  Online forums suggested  repainting it instead of replacing.

Removal is fairly simple and there are some online videos on the procedure including the one below.   Lower your windshield and twist it out from the pillar side first.

Once it is out, give it a good cleaning since it gets gunky.  Using a razor scraper, scrape the paint off the exposed surface.  I went a little too far and scraped the edges and ending up showing a small gap when I reinstalled it.   Just scrape the front face.

Once I got  rid of all the peeling paint, I sanded it down with some 150 grit sandpaper.  I then cleaned the surface with rubbing alcohol.  Next I masked off the edges with painters tape to prepare for painting.

You can use spray on truck bed liner or plasti dip but I just used flat black enamel spray paint.   I gave it two coats with a bit of drying time between coats.  I did get some bubbling so you should spray outside the area first to clear any air inside.  Don’t apply it too thick or else it will run.

I did miss a narrow strip at the bottom so will need to redo a bit of it and will repaint my wiper arms at the same time.

Update:  Had to do the passenger side as well since it has started peeling.  The drivers side has held up well.

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