Windows 10 Privacy Settings

With the free upgrade and glowing reviews of Windows 10, I decided to update my home theatre PC (HTPC) computer.  This PC had a tricky setup since I am running with a single 3TB hard drive which requires a motherboard with UEFI compatible BIOS to boot with this large of a drive.

One of the major criticisms of Windows 10 is the loss of privacy and that using the express settings collects and sends data to Microsoft.  There are a few websites that go through these settings and indicate how they should be set to protect your privacy.  Here is one.

After running Windows 10 for a few days, I was getting annoying blue screen errors probably caused by driver conflicts.  I decided it was easier just to rollback to Windows 7 since you could do this within a month of the free upgrade.

I then found that some of the privacy intrusions introduced in Windows 10 were being added to Windows 7 and 8.1 through Windows Update.  Luckily, these updates could be uninstalled.  One article here.  Updates that should be uninstalled include KB3075249, KB3080149, KB3068708/KB3022395.



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