Weiser / Kwikset Smartkey Vulnerability

During my update of all my brass door hardware inside the house, I also updated my front door lock and deadbolt.  Since I wanted to use my existing Weiser keys, I purchased a Weiser front entry knob and deadbolt with their Smartkey system.  The Weiser brand is used in Canada while Kwikset is used in the US.

The first issue encountered was that the Weiser locks used thinner keys so my old keys could no longer be used.  However, the Smartkey was very easy rekey both locks to match my new keys.

Second issue was that when I went to Home Depot to get some more duplicate keys, they didn’t work.  Comparing the new and original keys, they did appear to match.  I ended up taking both the lock and keys back to Home Depot to get them re-cut and the new ones worked fine.

For the entry knob, my old lock had a push and turn system which made it very easy to both lock and unlock.  The new knob used a small round turn switch which was relatively more difficult to both lock and unlock.  The only advantage of this switch is the ability to lock the knob from the outside with the key.  In both designs, you can lock the door without a key (which is required with the deadbolt).

After my update, I did find out there are vulnerabilities with the Smartkey system.  They can be opened with a special tool fairly easily.  You can find articles and videos on youtube if you search.

I am not really concerned because if someone wanted to break into your house, they would get in and I also have my monitored alarm system.

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