Toilet Handle Lever Repair

The toilet tank lever broke and I figured it would be an easy repair.  It is just a nut holding the handle in place but I had trouble unscrewing it out.  Giving up temporarily, I headed to Home Depot anyway to get a universal replacement.  They come in different lengths so measure or bring your old lever to compare.  Back to removing the old handle,  I ended up breaking the handle off and using a hacksaw to cut it off.  With the replacement handle, again I had trouble removing the nut and after checking the instructions, it indicated to turn the nut counter-clockwise to tighten.  It is reverse threaded to prevent it from loosening when flushing the handle.  The flapper chain was attached to the old handle with some wire that I had to cut and then I temporarily used a paper clip to attach it to the new handle.  This will eventually rust so I’ll need to go back to Home Depot to grab a proper retaining clip.  Though it seemed basic, a quick google search would have saved me a bit of time and frustration.

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