Samsung UN50H6203AF Backlights But No Picture

Model numbers UN50H6203 UN50H6203AF UN50H6203AFXZC

Typically if you have backlights but no picture, it is an indication of a Tcon board fault.  Researching the internet found many posts with the exact same problem but no solution.

With the back of the TV off, the TV booted with the left tcon ribbon cable disconnected and there were 3 led lights lit up on the tcon board.  With the left tcon connected, only 2 led lights were lit suggesting a problem with the left side of the panel.

A suggestion on badcaps was to try the tape method.  I had seen youtube videos where scotch tape was used to block the pin contacts on the ribbon cable.

I initially used about a 5mm strip on the left edge of the connector on the tcon side.  Turning the TV on, the right half was working as before with some lines but the third LED remained lit which was an improvement.  I narrowed the width of the strip of the tape a bit at a time and eventually the tv powered up with both sides working with 2-3 pins on the left side was blocked.

Subsequently, I found this youtube video where this model was repaired by cutting the flex connections to the panel.  Blocking the pins on the tcon ribbon accomplishes the same result and is much easier.

Hard to imagine the number of TVs that have been trashed that could have been fixed with a small piece of tape.

Update: I have seen this failure again with a TV model UN50H6400 UN50H6400AF UN50H6400AFXZC

The TV turns on with backlight and no picture.  Tcon only shows 2 LEDs on.  Unplugging the left side tcon ribbon cable gets the TV to start up with 3 tcon LEDs lit.  I blocked about 4-5 pin on the leftmost part of the ribbon cable to fix it.

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