Samsung UN46D6003SF Won’t Turn ON

Model UN46D6003 UN46D6003SF UN46D6003SFXZC

This TV had a standby light but wouldn’t turn on. Unplugging the main board from the power supply would force the backlights on so both the backlight and power supply appeared good. I took a can of duster, inverted it, and sprayed it on the flash IC. With the flash frozen, the tv turned on.

The main board part number is BN94-06429C (BN94-05429C and BN94-05429D may be compatible. I was not able to find any of these used boards on ebay.

I considered replacing the flash module but didn’t have a programmer. It was also suggested the BGA nand module would also be replaced.

I suspected main boards from model UN46D6000SF would be compatible. Shopjimmy shows a large number of substitutable main boards for this model and also a few different panel numbers. None matched my number, LD460CGB-A2. Checking specs and pictures, UN46D6000 has 2 more HDMI ports, 2 more USB ports and VGA and ethernet connectors not available on UN46D6003.

I gambled on one board but had to return it because the connector to the front panel was different (larger black instead of white). The second board I ordered was a match and it worked.

After installation, I made sure the firmware was upgraded and performed a factory reset.

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