Samsung UN46D6000SF Doesn’t Turn On No Backlight

Model UN46D6000 UN46D6000SF UN46D6000SFXZC

This TV attempted to turn on (the front LED would flash) but there was no backlight. With the main board cable disconnected from the power supply board, the backlights came on confirming the power supply and backlights were good. This test indicated the problem was with the main board. Searching the part number BN94-05113J on ebay found a few expensive used boards and one repair service indicating the board suffers from BGA connection failures on the main processor. Shopjimmy had a long list of substitute boards and I was able to find a more reasonably priced one searching the BN97-06022A part number. This board part number was BN94-05038B and was from the 40″ version of this TV UN40D6000SF.

With the new board installed, the TV turned on and also didn’t need anything changed in the service menu.

This model didn’t have built in wifi (requires dongle or wired ethernet) and youtube is no longer supported.

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