Samsung LNT4061FX LNT4661FX Won’t Turn On and Colour Issues

This series of Samsung TV’s has both capacitor issues and tcon failures.  Bad capacitors will cause the TV to not turn on or turn on with difficulties or have pink dots on the screen.  Tcon failures caused by a failed AS15F gamma reference IC will cause colour problems or a whitewashed image.

Capacitor values for these two models are as follows.  Capacitors need to be low ESR.  Panasonic FC, FM or FR series or Rubycon PX series are good replacements.

LNT4061  LNT4061F LNT4061FX Power Supply Board BN44-00167A
CM807, CM808 – 1000uF/25V
CS806, CM817, CM811, CM812 – 1000uF/10V
CM809 – 220uF/25V

LNT4042 LNT4042H

LNT4661 LNT4661F LNT4661FX Power Supply Board BN44-00168A
CM802, CM803, CM807, CM808 – 1000uF/25V
CM812, CM813, CS804 – 1000uF/10V
CM804, CM814, CM809 – 47uF/50V

Power Supply Board BN44-000166B BN44-00165A
CM852, CM853 – 2200uF/10V
CM876, CM880 – 1000uF/25V
CM850 – 1000uF/10V

To check your tcon board, there should be test points for the gamma reference points.  The voltages should increase or decrease steadily with no big jumps or outliers.

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