Samsung LN46A550P3F Washed Out Screen or Colour Issues

Other model numbers:  LN46A550 LN46A550P3FXZC

A washed out screen or colour issues is a classic failure of the AS15F chip on the Tcon board.  It is difficult to replace because of the fine pitch of the package and replacement IC’s need to be ordered online.  It is easier to replace the whole board but used boards could also have the same failure if not tested beforehand.

For this TV, I also proactively replaced the Samwa capacitors on the power supply board BN44-00202A.  Values are as follows:

  • CM871, CM872 –  470uF/25V
  • CM876, CM881 – 820uF/25V
  • CM852, CM853 – 1000uF/10V

I tested the old capacitors and found one of the 820uF capacitors was open circuit.  There was no visible damage on the capacitor (no leaks or bulging).

The TV worked fine after the repair

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