Ryobi One+ Replacement Batteries

After my battery ran out on my Ryobi drill, I decided I should get a second spare to swap out.  I had purchase a kit including drill, circular saw and flashlight many years ago and it has been reliable though not heavily used.  When using the saw, I have to constantly swap the single battery with the drill so another reason to get a second one.

Genuine and new batteries are pretty expensive.  There are many third party and refurbished batteries available on ebay.

My drill uses battery model P103 (28WH, 1500maH  – some are 24WH, 1300mAH).  I found a seller selling refurbished P102 (24WH, 1300maH) and P107 on ebay (28WH, 1500maH).  I assuming they install new cells into old cases.  I ordered a P102 for around $20 USD and will update once I get it in and test it for a bit.  Lithium batteries can pose a fire hazard so I am wary with third party versions.  They also can only be shipped surface mail.

This site here compares Ryobi battery models.

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