RCA RTRU5528 No Backlight

RTRU5528 is the Canadian model and RTRU5527 is the US model.

This tv was reported as having no backlights. Opening up the panel, the backlights tested good with an LED tester. There was a standby light and the tv turned on but without backlight. I then noticed a blown up MOSFET on the power supply board. Some components on the back side were also damaged. Checking other components, D401 was shorted as well. I would recommend checking D401 – D404 and checking the main fuse F101. Power supply part number is HSL55D-2S9.

Here is a list of parts replaced
Q506 & Q507 TF5N50 (NCH 500V 5A) Digikey FDPF8N50NZ-ND (8A substitute)
Q504 & Q505 (2T marking) MMBT4403 (PNP 40V 0.6A) Digikey MMBT4403LT1GOSCT-ND
D509 (T4 marking) 1N418 100V 0.3A Digikey 1N4148W-FDICT-ND
R506 240 ohm 1206 Digikey 311-240FRCT-ND
R533 & R528 30 ohm 1206 Digikey 311-30.0FRCT-ND
D401 SF26 400V 2A Digikey 1655-1581-1-ND
F101 4A 250V fuse Digikey 507-1721-1-ND

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