Philips 40PFL3706/F7 Logo displays, Backlight Shuts off

This Philips TV would turn on and then the backlight would promptly shut off after displaying the logo.  Inspecting the boards, all capacitors looked good and voltages were stable.  The TV was not shutting down and going into protection mode.

Advice on badcaps indicated the possibility of bad transformers on the inverter board.  I measured the resistance of the secondary windings and got 593 & 556 ohm for one transformer and 589 & 589 for the second one.

I ordered a replacement board LJ97-03241B on ebay and the seller sent me 3 boards.  He indicated he just wanted to get rid of them.  Before installing, I measured the secondary windings and got around 562 ohms on both winding of both transformers.  With the new board in place, the TV powered up and the backlights stayed on.

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