LG 42LB4D Bad Capacitors Power Issues

Got a hold of this TV which had no problems but it’s at the age where capacitors could fail.  Alternate model number is 42LB4DS-UA.

Checking the power supply found a mix of mostly Capxon and some United Chemicon capacitors.  Two small 220uF/25V caps were bulged.  They tested less than half the rated capacitance so the circuit was still working.

I decided to replace all the green Capxon caps.

C207, C218 – 220uF/25V
C202, C204, C205, C227, C234, C235 – 680uf/25V
C208, C209, C210 – 1000uF/35V

TV powered up fine as before but should last a lot longer.

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