Insufficient Storage on Android Phone

My budget Huawei Android phone is getting a bit full with apps and has trouble with some updates.  I first encountered problems trying to update Google Chrome but was able to get it to work by first uninstalling all updates before reinstalling.  I installed a 16GB SD card and set it to default storage but most apps can’t be moved to it.

I bought a combo case/wallet for my phone on ebay and usually minimize what I carry to only my drivers license, credit card and maybe some cash.

On a recent trip to Lowe’s, I didn’t realize they accept air miles and didn’t have the card with me.  I found the app Stocard to save loyalty cards to your phone but couldn’t install the app because of insufficient storage error again.

Googling the problem lead to the solution of clearing your app cache.  You can install App Cache Cleaner by Apex Apps or you can find a manual solution online.

Update:  The App Cleaner isn’t working too well and I will probably need to buy a new phone eventually.  Google’s built in apps get bigger with each update and you are not able to uninstall them leaving less room for apps.  You can disable them however.  Some of the Android versions no longer allow you to move an app to SD card.


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