Flip Your Upside Down Kwikset Smartkey Knob

I had updated my front door knob and deadbolt to Kwikset Smartkey and wanted to change the knob on my shed to Smartkey so I could use the same key.  I had installed a cheap Defiant lock and over the years, the base was cracked and the knob tarnished.  The cheapest Smartkey lock was the Kwikset Tylo Satin Chrome available by mail order on Home Depot’s US website for $16 USD.  However, when I installed it, the cylinder was upside down.  The slot should be at the bottom and the key should be inserted with the teeth facing down.  I checked the instructions and they indicated it was ok to install it that way.  I googled the problem later and found out the cylinder could be flipped.  The official way is to use a special tool but there are some youtube videos on how to flip it without the special tool.

The cyclinder is held in by two spring clips that need to be pushed in to release it from the knob.  The access is very narrow and it is difficult to see the ends of the clip.  What worked for me was to use needle nose pliers to push in a sliding tab at the opening to better access one side of the clip.  I pushed a small hex key in there to push out one side of the clip.  I could then use a small screwdriver to release the more accessible side.

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