Exchanging Money

It is always good to have some local currency when you arrive in a new country to take transit or a taxi into town.  Airport exchange places usually have terrible rates and may have a fee as well.

If you use ATM’s, exchange rates tend to be good but your bank may add network, atm and foreign exchange fees to your withdrawl.

In Vancouver, I typically exchange money at VBCE or Everforex.  Both have excellent rates and no additional fees.  VBCE tends to carry more currencies than Everforex.

I’ve recently found that exchange rates may be better at your destination country, especially in Asia.  With rates available online, let’s look at some examples.  You will always get a better rate selling foreign currency than buying it.

Remember that foreign coins are typically not accepted for exchange anywhere so they should be spent or donated to charity.

Oct 23 2015


Everforex 5.89
VBCE 5.80
Berlin Exchange (Hong Kong) 5.91 *Best rate*


VBCE 25.1
Vasu Exchange (Bangkok)  27.0 *Best rate*
SuperRich 1965 (Bangkok) 26.95


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