Element ELUFT551 No Video

This 4K TV turned on with backligth but no video. Usual suspect in this case is the tcon board. Searching the part on Shopjimmy gets the part number 55.55T12.C02 and I was able to find the board for $20 USD on Ebay from Electroparts online. From the shopjimmy website, this panel is used Sony model XBR-55X900A as well.

With the new tcon installed, the tv was repaired. I did a factory reset and noticed that the default picture mode was set to Energy Saving. In the service menu, source-2-5-8-0 with the tv on, the backlight is set to 34/100 in this mode. In standard mode, it is 58/100. Backlights shouldn’t be an issue in this model if you leave it in these two picture modes.

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