Ebay Pencil Butane Burner Review and Repair

I had purchase this tool for a couple of bucks on Ebay to repair surface mount components.  It heats up very quickly and it is very easy to burn a board with it.  I would practice with some junk boards and heat up slowly (by keeping the flame away) from underneath the component you want to remove or solder.  Removing components is a bit easier if you don’t care about damaging the board.

After a couple of uses, the tip appeared clogged since no gas was coming out.  Checking the package, there are maintenance instructions that indicate “To clean the torch, slip off the burner and release a few shots of butane directly into the orifice to clear it of unwanted particles.”  Since this was unclear, I googled the problem and found this instructable.

The head of the burner can be unscrewed from the narrower shaft.  I had to use vice grips and a bit of force to get it off.  There is a bit of red thread sealer holding it in place.

A small, thin metal disc came out and this piece is important to put back in once you clear the head.  It acts like a water reducer in a shower head.  Without it, the butane comes out at lower pressure and the flame will be like a big lighter instead of a concentrated flame.

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