Costco Pharmacy – Lowest Price for Prescription Drugs – No Membership Required

I had let my Costco membership lapse and had to get my regular prescription drugs filled elsewhere.  I got it filled at Real Canadian Superstore and the cost was significantly more than I was paying at Costco.  I considered renewing my Costco membership just so I could save on my drugs.  I then found out that a membership is NOT required to use the pharmacy at Costco.  Pharmacy laws protect against discrimination.  Costco’s dispensing fee is $4.49 currently and drug prices are also lower, especially generics.

To get by the employee at the entrance, just say you are going to the pharmacy.  They will also ask for your membership card when paying but it’s ok to say you don’t have one.  Recently,  Canadian Costco’s switched to Mastercard from American Express so you can pay by credit card instead of debit.


Here is another tip to save time.  You can fax in your prescriptions and you don’t need a fax machine.  Get the pharmacy’s fax number.  Scan your prescription or take a picture with your smartphone.  I use to send it.  Costco will send you a text when it is ready to pick up and you will need to bring your original prescription in.

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