Cheap CR123A CR2032 Batteries In Canada

A couple of months ago, the batteries on my Honeywell wireless smoke detector were low and I was looking for inexpensive replacements.  The batteries are used in other Honeywell sensors as well.  The best deal I could find on Ebay were Panasonics shipped from Germany.  I checked Walmart in the US but the Rayovacs I had found previously were not in stock and no longer on their website.

While looking for 9V alkalines at Dollarama (fairly good deal at $2.50 each), I spotted the Panasonic CR123A batteries for $3.  Dollarama is also a good source for CR1032 button cells. Not all stores may carry them so you may need to search a few different ones.

Update:  The CR123A seem to be no longer available at Dollarama.  I ordered some on from a third party seller for around $8 for two pieces including shipping (around 2 weeks for delivery).  MEC also carries them for about $6 each and Princess Auto has Westinghouse brand for around $6

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