Canadian Tire Garrison EA20 Safe Recall Model 046-0035

I was cleaning out some junk from my parents and found an unused electronic personal safe.  They had bought it from Canadian Tire and ended up not using it.  While testing it, I ended up locking it accidentally and realized I was missing the backup key to open it.  The lock is hidden under a removable front panel.  A quick google search found some youtube videos of how to open similar safes without the need of the code or the key by just pounding on the top while turning the knob.  Remarkably, this actually worked.  Google’s predictive search also led me to the search term “garrison safe recall” which led me to the recall notice here.   It is illegal in Canada to sell or give away recalled items.  Strangely, this item is still available on Canadian Tire’s website (maybe the problem has been fixed?).  I took it back and got a full cash refund on the non-sale price.

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