Artika Subway LED Vanity Light Review

As part of my slow remodel of my main bathroom, the Broadway style vanity light was next to go.  I was down to three out of six globe bulbs and didn’t want to waste money on replacement bulbs.

I had found the Artika Subway LED Vanity Light at Costco last year and it has been replaced this year by a smaller and brighter light from a different manufacturer (Celeste from Innova Lighting, 2700 lumens).   The electrical box in my bathroom is offset from the center of the mirror and vanity  so I needed a light that would cover it and not look odd.

I initially ordered a Mirrea 16W LED vanity light from but it wasn’t bright enough.  16W is equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb.

I found the Artika Subway at  It is specified to be 1700 lumens which is equivalent to about 110W incandescent.

When it arrived, I plugged it in temporarily to check the brightness and it seemed adequate.  The fixture is also glass so a bit heavy.  It came with a 24″ mounting plate where I drilled extra holes to feed the wire from the box which in my situation is offset from the center.  I also drilled extra holes so I could mount directly to the studs instead of using the included hollow wall anchors.

With it installed, it is more than bright enough for a small bathroom and almost covered the old light completely.  If it ever dies, it is going to be a pain to replace the entire unit.

I am finding these lights a bit too bright  (especially late at night) so I am going to replace the wall switch with a dimmer.  The website indicates these lights are dimmable.

Update: I emailed Artika and they sent me a list of compatible dimmers.  I picked up the Leviton 6674 at Home Depot and they dimmed with no issues.  Here is the list

Leviton Decora 6674|
Leviton Decora 6631-P
Lutron Toggler TGCL-153P
Cooper AAL06
Cooper SAL06P


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