Acura 2002 RSX Won’t Start

I was having intermittent starting problems with my Acura.  Mostly when it was warm but sometimes when it was cold.  Starter wouldn’t crank at all but would eventually start if I waited a minute or two.  There are three potential failure points: the battery, the clutch switch and the starter itself.  Talking to my mechanic, he suspected the starter since my battery is only 2 years old.

The starter on the RSX itself is fairly easy to replace but the problem is getting at it in the cramped engine compartment.  With the RSX, the intake manifold needs to be removed and the radiator loosened to get it out.

Starters are electric motors and will have worn out and dirty contacts over time and can be rebuilt by replacing these parts.

In hindsight, I should have purchased a remanufactured starter on ebay from the US and saved over $100.  New substitute starters are even cheaper.

If your starter isn’t turning, you can try hitting it with your lug wrench or a hammer from underneath your vehicle to create some contact to get it going.


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