Wecast Wireless Display Dongle from Ebay Review

I purchased this Chromecast knockoff dongle on ebay for $13 USD.  This device lets you mirror your smartphone or tablet screen to your TV through the HDMI port.  Though there are English instructions, they are difficult to follow.

The dongle sets itself up as a wireless access point initially so you can connect to it and give it the wireless settings for your home network.

Here are the steps –

To Setup:
1. Plug in the dongle into your hdmi port.  The dongle needs power from a USB port either from your TV or external adapter.  The screen should show the Device ID, Password and IP address. If this screen shows up again, it means the dongle has lost connection to your home network and you will need to reconnect following step 2 & 3.
2. On your tablet, go to your wifi options and search for the Wecast network shown in the Device ID. Connect using the default password 12345678
3. Open a browser and enter the IP address from the home screen. You now need to give the dongle the network settings of your home network under the Wireless AP option.  Once the dongle connects, the home screen will show just the device ID and no password or IP address.  This screen indicates the dongle is connected to your wifi.
4. On your tablet, go to your wifi settings and reconnect to your home network. Using the quick menu, select Play To and find the wecast device. If there is no Play To button, you will need to add it. If it doesn’t connect, try again. If the home menu displays the password, it has lost connection to your network and you will need to repeat from step 2.  If you tried a few times and it still doesn’t work, unplug and then plug the usb on the dongle to reset it.

With my Asus Z300M tablet, I can play 1080P video smoothly with video files from storage using the default video player.  VLC seems to have problems with this setup.

I can’t play any streaming video online like youtube.  I believe it is too much work for my tablet and wifi to simultaneously stream video and output it to the dongle.

The dongle does try to update the firmware on it’s own but fails.  The wifi signal may be weaker than it needs.  I am hoping it will update and maybe connect more reliably.

You should be able to mirror with a direct wifi connection but I had more trouble connecting with a direct connection.

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