Install Android Lollipop on Asus ME301T Tablet

My old Asus ME301T had been acting up lately.  Its been running slow and all the cleaning and boosting apps didn’t really work so I contemplated reinstalling the OS.  I had updated the stock Jellybean to Kitkat 4.4.2.  See post here

I found a homemade Lollipop 5.1.1 ROM described here and that can be downloaded here.  Steps for this upgrade are as follows (assuming you have TWRP installed).  If you have game data you want to save, you can back it up and restore it with the Helium app.

  1.  Boot into recovery mode.  An option may be presented if you hold down the power button to power down.  Second option is to power off and then hold the vol down key and hit the power key.  You should get recovery options.  Select RCK with the vol up button (vol down will cycle through the choices.)
  2. With TWRP recovery, I backed up my system and data (everything except cache) onto external SD card.
  3. Move the download 5.1.1 zipped ROM image to the SD card.  Download GAPPS for 5.1.1  You will need GAPPS to install Google Play Store so you can download Chrome and Gmail.  I found a link here and downloaded the pico version for a minimal installation which only includes the Play Store.   This should also minimize the google bloat with apps you don’t use and can’t uninstall without rooting your device.  The pico version also does not include any sounds or wallpapers and you will need to download those separately.
  4. Format the internal memory with TWRP.  You can remove the external SD card to be extra safe.
  5. Install the ROM Image and then GAPPS.  Wipe the Dalvik and cache when asked.
  6. Reboot and you should be running 5.1.1

Update: I actually reverted back to Kitkat since I couldn’t save my progress in a few King games I had.  I had tried the Helium Backup app but it couldn’t connect to my tablet via USB.  I just replaced the micro-USB connector since it was worn and decided to give Helium a second try since it may have been a bad USB connection.  This time it worked so I restored the Lollipop install that I saved.

I have been running Lollipop for a few days and it’s like having a new tablet.  No more slowdowns and sluggish performance.

Update 2:  USB OTG doesn’t seem to work with this version.  It was fine with Kitkat and I could plug in USB drives, keyboard or mice before.


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