LG 50LN5310 LED Backlight Replacement

The LG LN series is probably the most common model I perform LED backlight repair and replacement on. Symptom is typically the backlights flashing momentarily on power up or plug in before an error is detected causing the backlights to shut down.

In most cases, the panels use strips labelled L1 & R1 and L2 & R2 with 3 black dots and thin lenses and the LED themselves can be replaced with 3V 2835 ones.

I recently encountered a 50LN5310 with a slightly different panel and LED strips. Shopjimmy indicates there are 2 different strips that could be used on this model. On disassembly, the screws for the metal bezel holding the panel in place were different and the side tabs on the panel were taped to the plastic bezel holding the diffusers. The LED strips used the thick style lenses and measuring the LEDs themselves indicated they were the standard LG 3V 2835 type. If you try to remove a strip, you will likely pop off the lenses so it is recommended to replace the LED with the strip attached to the chassis.

On the TV I worked on, many of the lenses were loose and ready to fall off. It is recommended to keep the exact same orientation and have the lens perfectly centered on the LED when gluing it back on. I have been using 5 second fix glue recently since you can adjust the lens and check it before curing it with the UV light. The glue is fairly cheap on ebay shipped from China. If the lens is not perfectly centered, it could create bright spots on the screen. If the lens falls off, it will create another bright spot.

LG 55LB5800 Stuck on Logo Won’t Turn On

This TV would show the power up logo for about 10 seconds before shutting off. Normally, the logo shows for a couple of seconds before turning on. With backlight failures, the logo flashes briefly before the backlight shuts down.

TV’s not booting or stuck on the logo is usually a symptom of bad or corrupt firmware or a bad eeprom. If the firmware can not be reloaded, the only option is to replace the main board.

This model appears to be a Canadian model and used main boards are very scarce and expensive. A tip on badcaps indicated a 55LB6100 main board should work.

My exact model was 55LB5800-UG.ACCWLJR part# EBT63056403 and I bought a main board from 55LB6100-UG.BUSWLJR part# EBT62902106 ($45 USD). It fit and worked perfectly.

Samsung TV Unable to Connect to Netflix

I have a model UN46EH5300F TV that couldn’t connect to Netflix.

Firmware version: 2004 (2015)
Netflix version: 3.10502 (2016)

I tried the following based on other posts online

  1. Make sure the date/time is correct. Set the date/time under Menu->System->Time->Clock
  2. Make sure DNS is correct. I would try to go to Netflix.com in the web browser to verify it is working. If it doesn’t connect, check the setting under Network->Network Status. Change the DNS to manual and set to
  3. Reset the Smart Hub. In the Smart Hub screen, press Tools->Settings->Reset. Pin is 0000.
  4. Reinstall Netflix app. Under the Smart Hub and Netflix selected, press Tools->Reinstall.
  5. What finally worked for me was signing out of Netflix with the instructions in the Netflix help page. On the error screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up A deactivation screen should come up. If it doesn’t, try again. Click on the option to Deactivate. You need to use this combination to sign out of Netflix even when it is working. https://help.netflix.com/en/node/57687

Vizio E60-C3 Dim Screen Backlight Replacement

I picked up this Vizio with a dim screen and I was pretty sure it needed new backlights. With a TV that big and still valuable, I decided to do a full replacement with new strips from Shopjimmy. Shopjimmy has a video for this repair but there are some corrections needed in their video.

  • There are clips holding the back cover in place and you will need a putty knife to push them in to release the back cover
  • The panel is held in place by brackets and these are on all four sides. I initially missed the ones on the sides.
  • I removed the diffuser sheets together with the white plastic bezel and tried to keep it all together to simplify disassembly.
  • The white plastic rivets holding down the reflector sheet and strips can be removed from the top with a putty knife. The standoffs don’t need to be removed.
  • There are strips of double side tape holding down the reflector sheet. You will need work carefully to not damage the sheet too much.
  • It appears each strip is individually powered for local dimming. I only found 9 shorted LEDs out of 96 so they could have been repaired. 9 out of 12 strip had one bad LED. It appears the whole strip is shut down if there is a shorted LED on one.
  • When replacing the panel there is some black tape at the top. Make sure it in on the outside of the plastic bezel or else it might fold itself in to the viewing area.
  • There also side tabs that are covered by tape. Make sure they are covered again during assembly.

Samsung LED TVs Bad Backlights

I have recently gotten a hold of several Samsung TVs with bad backlights. Unlike LG TVs which shut down the backlight if failures are detected, Samsungs will continue to run leading to failure of almost every LED. Damage to the power supply could also occur. For most Samsung TVs, disconnecting the cable from the main board to the power supply board should light up the backlights. Here is a list of models and the corresponding LED strip part numbers I have encountered .

UN40EH5300FXZC, UN40H5203AFXZC – both use a 3 strip setup with 2 angled strips and 1 straight strip. Part numbers LM41-00001V/ LM41-00001W or D3GE-400SMA-R2/ D3GE-400SMB-R2

UN46H5203AFXZA, UN46EH5300FXZC – LM41-00001X / LM41-00001Y or D3GE-460SMB-R1 / D3GE-460SMA-R2 or BN96-28769A / BN96-28768A I have encountered damage to power supply BN44-00771A (traced to a bad diode D9801C) on one TV.

UN50EH5300FXZC – D3GE-500SMA-R3 / D3GE-500SMB-R2

UN55FH6030FXZC – BN96-28772A / LM41-00001P

UN60ES8000FXZC – Edge lit 10 pin connector wired in 4 banks of 22 LEDs (88 total per side). Should measure around 67V per bank with LED tester. 2012SVS60 7032NNB 3D LEFT88 RIGHT88

Extend the Life of Your Hot Water Tank – Change the Anode Rod

I’m on my second hot water tank in my house and it is at the 9yr old mark. When I replaced it last, I paid for the longest warranty tank since installation costs have gone up over the years. Hot water tanks will eventually rust out and leak.

Watching This Old House, there was a segment on extending the life of your hot water tank by replacing the anode rod. This part prevents your tank from rusting prematurely and should be inspected and replaced.

I was able to purchase an anode rod at Lowes. Removing the old anode rod was difficult since it was very tight and I had limited space to work in. Luckily, I had a friend with an impact wrench and compressor and it was needed to get the old rod out. I included a pic of what the old rod looks like after 9 yrs in Metro Vancouver water.

Acura RSX P1078 Check Engine Light After Starter Replacement

I had to get my starter replaced under warranty from my mechanic but that evening when I got home, the check engine light came on. I have a Fixd OBD2 so I connected to find out the error code was P1078 – Intake Manifold Runner Control System Malfunction High RPM. Since replacing the starter involves removing the intake manifold, I suspected a loose or unconnected connector. Error description available here https://www.autocodes.com/p1078_acura.html

Poking around the intake manifold valve at the left side of the engine cover, I found one of the connectors in front of the valve wasn’t pushed in all the way. The connector can be seen in this youtube video at the 1:03 mark.

I plugged the ODB2 sensor, revved up the engine past 5000 rpm and the error had cleared.

China Eastern Visa Free Transit through Nanjing Lukou NKG Airport

I had recently flew to Bangkok with China Eastern through Nanjing Airport. Though a visa is typically required to enter China (10 yr visas are available), a visa free transit policy was introduced a few years ago offering up to 144 hours depending on the city. See this link.

I emailed China Eastern to confirm Nanjing Lukou was visa free and was sent this link confirming visa free transit is available.

Nanjing Lukou NKG is a large airport but not very busy for it’s size. A sign indicates it does not have a transit area. Typically, airports will have a way to go from the arrival area directly to the departure area with screening for transit passengers.

On arrival, you need to indicate you are transitting without a visa to the customs officer. You do not need to fill out any paperwork and the officer will collect your passport and direct you to the waiting area with the other transitting passengers from your flight.

If you have a visa, you need to fill out a departure (yellow) form. If you want to leave the airport through the 144 hr visa free transit, you also need to fill out a blue form to apply for it.

Once all the passengers from your flight are processed, your group will be lead to pick up your luggage from baggage claim and then head upstairs to recheck your luggage back in. They will also print your boarding passes at this time. You will then be lead as a group to departures immigration where they will return your passport and you can go through security to the departures area. You still need to fill out a yellow departure form. Though the staff speak English, they do have difficulty pronouncing names so someone should volunteer to help them read off names.

There aren’t a lot of food options post-security. Just a noodle restaurant (accepts Visa credit card) and a Subway.

Update: As a bonus, I got mileage credit on Delta Skymiles because China Eastern is a partner airline. They only gave credit on half the flights so I had to make a request for the missing mileage.

Samsung UN46D6000SF Doesn’t Turn On No Backlight

Model UN46D6000 UN46D6000SF UN46D6000SFXZC

This TV attempted to turn on (the front LED would flash) but there was no backlight. With the main board cable disconnected from the power supply board, the backlights came on confirming the power supply and backlights were good. This test indicated the problem was with the main board. Searching the part number BN94-05113J on ebay found a few expensive used boards and one repair service indicating the board suffers from BGA connection failures on the main processor. Shopjimmy had a long list of substitute boards and I was able to find a more reasonably priced one searching the BN97-06022A part number. This board part number was BN94-05038B and was from the 40″ version of this TV UN40D6000SF.

With the new board installed, the TV turned on and also didn’t need anything changed in the service menu.

This model didn’t have built in wifi (requires dongle or wired ethernet) and youtube is no longer supported.

Samsung UN46H5203AF Backlights Dim

Model UN46H5203 UN46H5203AF UN46H5203AFXZA

This TV turned on but the backlights were very dim. Disconnecting the cable from the main board to the power supply board had the backlight light up but at the same dimness. Probing the connector to the LED strips with an LED tester got very low voltage and unusual readings. Searching the power supply part number BN44-00771A on Shopjimmy got a warning that this model was prone to LED backlight failure.

With the TV apart, I could test the strips directly and over 50% of the LEDs had failed. Some were visibly black. I have found new replacement strips on Aliexpress (search 2013SVS46) which have been ordered.

With Samsung TVs, the power supply appears to not shut down the backlight when there is a LED failure unlike with LG TVs. This appears to lead to a higher number of LED failures since people will continue using their TVs. Hopefully, there is no damage to the power supply board with so many shorted LEDs.

I previously had to do a full backlight replacement on model UN50EH5300F with one or two LEDs out on every strip.

Update: The strips came in and TV has been repaired. I checked the screen settings and the TV had been running in Dynamic mode which runs the backlights at maximum brightness. There is an option in the settings to apply the picture settings to all sources when I reduced the backlight level to 12.

The LED strips I purchased from Aliexpress were from seller KCLCD Store and the brand is Rzconne. It was shipped using tracked epacket.